Counterfeit Botox may have shipped to California doctors


Federal regulators say a Canadian supplier shipped out versions of the popular wrinkle treatment that's unapproved by the FDA and possibly counterfeit. The agency said it cannot assure the products' effectiveness or safety.

The FDA says the supplier, Canada Drugs, has shipped out fake cancer drugs in the past. The company also operates under the following names: Quality Specialty Products (QSP), A+ Health Supplies, QP Medical, Bridgewater Medical or Clinical Care.

According to federal officials, many of the products sold and distributed by the above suppliers have not been approved by the FDA.

The agency warned doctors about buying drugs from sources other than licensed U.S. pharmacies. It is the fifth warning the agency has made this year about foreign suppliers providing unapproved drugs.

The FDA sent warning letters to more than 350 medical offices in the U.S., including some local doctors in Southern California.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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