ABC7 Pay It Forward: Woman who drove friend, child after car accident gets $500


Then her co-worker A.J. Reaux stepped in over and over again.

"Having to get me and my 2-year-old to work at four in the morning and get home and get groceries and all of this, she just willingly gave up her...basically for the last three months, she gave up her whole life just to make sure I was OK," Morris said.

During those three months, Morris was able to save up and just bought a car for herself and her daughter, Jordan, thanks to Reaux's help.

"If I could pay her back, I would be super happy, I feel like I should give her my arm," Morris said.

Morris and her daughter surprised Reaux with $500 from ABC7's Pay It Forward at her home. Two-year-old Jordan grabbed the money, and ran up to Reaux's door, calling out her name to hand her the cash.

"That feels really great. Not a lot of times, you open the door and somebody's child hands you $500," Reaux said, laughing.

"You're just the most beautiful person for just giving up your whole life," Morris told Reaux. "You drove me and my baby around to work, groceries, everything, That's why I would love to pay her half of what she did for me. This is a mini something."

If you can believe it, Reaux says the wiring in her own car isn't working, so she wants to use Morris' $500 gift to ensure she has a ride to work.

"Life is a cycle. Everything repeats itself, and it did come at a good time," she said.

Reaux says her parents always taught her to pay it forward.

"I always wanted to be that if you don't have anybody else to help you out, there's always that one person, and that's me!" Reaux said.

Reaux was definitely that person in Morris' time of need.

"I didn't even have money to put gas in the car and she paid to put the gas in the car and I was like, 'Wow, you're like amazing!' …Nobody does stuff like that ever!" Morris said.

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