Oscars 2013: My Picks Official Oscar Ballot


Check out the interactive My Picks 2013 Official Oscar Ballot. My Picks is an interactive and social Oscar ballot that also integrates with Facebook and allows users to pick who they think will win the Oscar in each award category.

The official My Picks interactive Oscars ballot can be found at Oscar.com or on the official Oscars App, which is available on Apple, Android and Kindle devices.

The award categories and nominees will appear on the My Picks ballot and users can view videos about the nominees and categories. When a user starts making their picks, they will be prompted to authorize the My Picks app with Facebook to begin playing.

Once the user has authorized My Picks, they'll be able to save their picks and see a list of their friends who are also playing. On the day of the Oscars, voting will close just prior to the awards show and the My Picks experience will shift to reveal winners as they're announced and update the users' scores along with the show.

Users who miss the voting cut-off will be able to see the nominees and winners in each category, but they will not be able to play. Once the last winner is announced, the final scores will be tallied and users will be able to compare their scores with their friends.

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