Consumer Electronics Show features variety of novel gadgets


Every year, TVs make the biggest impact at the convention. Most TVs are just for permanent use at home. But that's not the case with RCA's go-anywhere TV.

"What we have is the world's first 8-inch mobile digital TV, as well as full android, tablet TV," said Greg Hillman with RCA. "This provides consumers with not only a full android tablet, but free over-the-air digital broadcast television, as well as mobile digital TV."

Also quite mobile is House of Marley's portable Bluetooth audio system called Roots Rock -- tunes wherever you need them.

You've seen robot vacuum cleaners before, but the LG Hom-Bot vacuum is really unique. First off, it's square, so it gets into corners better. It also has sensors and top and bottom cameras that map out and store the room's dimensions so it doesn't hit the same spots twice.

Another interesting item at the convention was Intel's Ultrabook, a convertible laptop. You can flip the screen, bring it down, and it becomes a tablet computer.

While the CES can be all about high tech, it can be old tech, too. For example, there's Sylvania's classic, but digital record player.

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