No flooding seen after latest king tide


"The tide showed up as expected, but what didn't show up was flooding, and that's a good thing obviously," said Joe Lopez of the Huntington Beach Fire Department.

Last month, the very high tides came in, flooding the streets of Sunset Beach, stalling cars, keeping clean-up crews busy and even sending one man paddle boarding down a road.

Emergency crews feared a king tide like the one that soaked Pacific Coast Highway last month would consume beach communities again, so they brought in pumps as a precautionary measure.

There was one paddle boarder, but like the water, he remained in the harbor.

"We didn't have enough of an influx of rain water this time like we did last month, so we are fortunate," Lopez said. "It looks like we've dodged the bullet here today."

King tides happen when the Earth, moon and sun align and increase the gravitational pull on the ocean. Forecasters say a combination of astronomical high tides, high surf and strong winds could cause coastal flooding again this week.

The tides are expected to peak at 7 feet in some locations Friday morning. The National Weather Service has issued coastal flood advisories for all counties, from San Luis Obispo down to San Diego, through Saturday morning.

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