Man arrested, allegedly made threats to children on Facebook


The Facebook posting of an alleged terrorist threat went up Tuesday. Law enforcement wasted no time coming to the suspect's home.

The Facebook post is ominous and has misspellings: "Newtown is just the begging of the attacks ...... more kids must be killed if anyone watched the bin laden movie will be shot at site.... this is a final warring to all Americans."

The account belongs to Akbar Baraki. The page is full of unusual postings, including one that says, "Osama bin Laden is alive and living well in Pakistan."

Baraki lives in a home in Porter Ranch. Baraki's father said his son is ill, but not a terrorist.

"He's not normal. What can he do? He has no money, he has no car, he has no nothing. But he is going to kill children?" said his father, who would not go on camera.

Baraki was arrested for a probation violation. Investigators say they found two air rifles inside the home, which violates the terms of his probation for a previous drug charge. He is being held without bail.

Residents in the quiet neighborhood are stunned.

"With everything that is going on right now, everything that we hear, and to be across the street, [it's] very, very scary," said neighbor Dory Kulwin, who was present when Baraki was arrested.

One neighbor said he does not think Baraki is a terrorist.

"He is probably just messed up in the mind. He looked normal to me," said neighbor Jerry Demirci.

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