Diamond ring found among Spark of Love toys


The ring turned up in a Spark of Love donation bin at Loma Linda Fire Station 1. Firefighter Nick Gray found it inside a gift bag with toys.

"I picked it up to pull out what was inside to consolidate it all and put it in the big box. That's when out popped the ring on the ground, right there on the carpet," said Gray.

Unsure if it was real, Gray took it to a jeweler and they confirmed it was in fact a real gold and diamond ring worth several thousand dollars. He alerted the sheriff's department, thinking someone would surely come around looking for the ring. But that was four weeks ago, and still no one has claimed it.

"I want to make sure that this ring gets to its rightful owner. I'm sure someone's upset over it. It could be a family heirloom. It could be a gift," said Gray.

For now, the ring is in the safe hands of firefighters, but they're hoping its owner will show up soon with a receipt, a picture of them wearing the ring, or perhaps some proof that it belongs to them.

"The ring was in a gift bag so that might help us identify who the person was, if they can describe how big the bag was, maybe how big it was, what color it might be," said Gray.

If the ring belongs to you, you're asked to call Loma Linda Fire Station 1 at (909) 799-2850. Firefighters will want to ask you a few questions, but if you can prove it is yours, you can take it home.

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