Mark Wahlberg talks role, producing 'Broken City'


"This is the kind of throwback to the kind of movies that I grew up watching," Wahlberg said.

In the upcoming American crime drama film, Wahlberg plays a man who is forced to resign from the police force. Following his resignation, Wahlberg's character becomes a private detective.

Russell Crowe also stars in "Broken City" as a high profile political leader who hires the private investigator to follow his wife.

"As I start to investigate her, I start to unravel all this corruption and, you know, obviously dealt, faced with this moral dilemma,' Wahlberg said. "And I know that my past is going to come back to haunt me but I decide even if it means risking my own freedom that I'm going to go after the mayor and try and take him down."

One major aspect of this shoot that Mark loved was the prospect of going toe to toe with Crowe.

"We needed a big larger than life charismatic guy playing the mayor and Russell is as good as anybody out there," Wahlberg said, adding "he's spectacular in the film; he's such a great actor, such a great guy."

Mark's plate is overflowing right now, both in front of and behind the camera. Along with several producing projects, he's starring in three more movies set for release this year. Wahlberg is also set to begin shooting "Transformers 4" in May.

"These great films that we wanted to make for a long time just all kind of came together at the same time," Wahlberg said. "But because they're so different, we felt like it would be perfectly fine to do them all. And again, I get to show different sides of me in each film."

Mark got to show off his comedic side last year with the box office hit "Ted." And you can expect to see the two co-stars together again next month.

"Yes that is in the works, I will be appearing with Ted at the Oscars," Wahlberg said.

That's only fitting, since "Ted" creator Seth MacFarlane is hosting the 2013 85th Oscar Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013.

"Broken City" is set to hit theaters Friday, Jan. 18, 2013.

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