84-year-old woman recovering after pit bull attack


Riverside County Department of Animal Services official Frank Corvino said the pit bull attack was unprovoked.

"Apparently, she had just stepped out of her house to walk across the street to a community mailbox and that's when the dogs attacked," Corvino said. "It's not like they were protecting their litter or anything like that. Just two dogs, two dangerous dogs that got out, were not contained properly, got out and for whatever reason attacked this person."

The attack occurred around 11 a.m. Thursday on Beach and 54th streets.

Maria Pescador said she did not see the 3-year-old male and female pit bulls pounce on her elderly neighbor but witnessed the emergency response at the scene following the attack.

"I didn't hear dogs barking at all, but I did see the lady carried into the ambulance," Pescador said.

Corvino said another neighbor heard the victim's screams and ran to stop the attacks.

"Apparently, the neighbor was able to chase the dogs off of this person who received some pretty horrific injuries from the attack," Corvino said.

The male and female pit bulls were initially impounded while Animal Control officers canvassed the neighborhood in search of the dog's owners.

"He was unsure how the dogs got out. He was very distraught that this happened," Corvino said. "He did sign the dogs over to Animal Services and the dogs have been euthanized right now."

The owner was issued multiple citations, including violating the county's leash law. He may also face criminal charges.

The victim was transported to Riverside Community Hospital following the dog mauling. No update on the woman's condition has been released. According to Riverside County Animal Service officials, the injuries did appear to be serious.

A necropsy will be performed on the dogs to determine if they were carrying rabies.

Correction: An earlier version of this report stated the victim was 82 years old. She is 84.

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