Man's body found in trunk of parked car in LA's Harbor Gateway area


Authorities responded to the gray Nissan Altima in the 500 block of West 146th Street at 9:15 a.m. Gilbert Rodriguez says he and another neighbor finally went to take a look at the car to report it after seeing it parked on their street for five days. But when they went over to inspect it, they saw the trunk open and made the disturbing discovery.

A distraught family rushed to the neighborhood, saying they recognized the silver Nissan as that of their missing family member. Authorities have not yet identified the body or determined the cause of death.

The car's license plate is registered to Hertz Rent-a-Car.

"It scares me. You just got to watch your shoulder and see what's going on. That's about all you can do, and keep watching the neighborhood," said resident Judy Blanco.

Neighbors say the block has been a dumping ground for stolen cars, but Friday's discovery was a shock.

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