Casey Anthony files for bankruptcy protection


Court papers filed Friday in Florida claim she has about $1,100 in assets but owes nearly $800,000. Most of the debt is related to her criminal defense, including half a million for attorney fees and court costs.

The bankruptcy papers list Anthony as unemployed with no recent income. The filing also mentions that Anthony is a defendant in several ongoing civil suits, including one filed by Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez for defamation.

In 2008, Anthony told detectives that her daughter was kidnapped by a nanny named Fernandez-Gonzalez. Investigators found that the woman did not exist, but a Florida woman sharing a name with the fictitious nanny filed suit against Anthony.

Gonzalez said she lost her job and was evicted from her house as a result of Anthony's tale. The two women did not know each other. Anthony later told authorities her daughter had drowned.

On Friday, a Florida appellate court overturned two of Anthony's four lying charges, agreeing with Anthony's attorneys that two of the charges constituted double jeopardy, being convicted or punished twice for the same crime.

Anthony's whereabouts have been kept secret since she was released from state supervision following a year of probation last year for check fraud. She resurfaced a few times over the past year via a leaked video diary and a telephone conversation with Piers Morgan.

The Associated Press and ABC News contributed to this report.

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