Los Angeles City Council mulls group homes ordinance


Protesters showed up at City Hall to voice their concerns while the City Council mulled over a proposal for tougher regulations. The call for tighter restrictions stems in part from a deadly shooting at an unlicensed facility.

The state currently regulates group homes. The Los Angeles City Council was set to vote on a community care facilities ordinance that would require these types of homes in residential neighborhoods to make several changes, such as providing ample parking and supervision of the residents.

"We must balance the two, the need for enforcement, but the need to provide services to our community that so sorely need them," said Councilman Richard Alarcon at the meeting.

Opponents say stricter regulations might force some residents, such as recovering alcoholics and drugs addicts, back to the streets. Proponents say stricter control is a matter of safety.

In December, there was a quadruple murder at an unlicensed boarding house in Northridge. It was used as an example at the meeting.

The City Council has asked the planning, legal and housing departments to return in three months with an ordinance to approve.

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