LAPD cracks down on Super Bowl drunk drivers


Downtown Los Angeles is just one of the areas being targeted by the LAPD's DUI saturation patrol. According to a AAA study, there are 75 percent more alcohol-related crashes on Super Bowl Sunday compared to other Sundays.

The LAPD is out to protect the public by apprehending any impaired drivers.

"If in fact you are going to drink and drive, please do the responsible thing and call a sober driver, or have a designated driver before you plan to attend any of these Super Bowl events," said LAPD Sgt. Felicia McAdams.

In addition to the saturation patrols, the LAPD has also held several DUI checkpoints throughout the weekend. The LAPD says anyone arrested for a DUI could lose their driver's license and spend up to a year in jail and up to $10,000 in fines.

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