Moreno Valley School board member found guilty of pimping


Mike Luis Rio, 42, was found guilty of 12 counts of pimping, six counts of insurance fraud and five of six pandering counts by a Riverside County Jury Friday.

The insurance fraud charges result from false insurance claims the suspect filed following a car vehicle accident.

Rios was also facing two counts of rape. The suspect claims he had consensual sex with one of the two women he was accused of raping. After deliberating for about a day, the jury found him not guilty of one of the rapes and hung on the second count.

The investigation revealed three adult women worked for Rios as prostitutes while a fourth adult woman and two underage girls involved in his call girl service did not.

During the investigation, the suspect admitted he placed ads recruiting strippers and customers online but refuted claims the women worked as prostitutes. He said his business was strictly stripping and massage.

Rios was taken into custody following the verdict Friday.

The suspect is also facing two counts of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon and influencing testimony by bribe in a pending case. Rios reportedly tried to shoot to men in a passing car outside his home after a bar fight. Rios initially told authorities the men followed him home from a club but evidence concluded that was a lie.

He is scheduled to be sentenced in the first case connected to the pimping, fraud, and pandering charges on March 8.

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