Chris Dorner manhunt: Holy Angels School in Arcadia closes over safety concerns


Holy Angels pastor issued a statement informing parishioners he is the brother of one of the people named in a manifesto posted by Dorner. As a precaution, he is taking no chances, going as far as closing Holy Angels School.

"While I am not under direct threat from this suspect, both LAPD and Arcadia PD have recommended that I be away from the parish," the pastor said in the statement.

Authorities are still searching for Dorner, who is suspected of fatally shooting one Riverside police officer, and wounding another, while also allegedly shooting an LAPD officer in Corona last Thursday. He is also wanted in connection with a double murder in Irvine.

Dorner is believed to have posted an online manifesto last week declaring war against the LAPD for wrongly firing him. His rant posted on Facebook identified his targets in his revenge plan. The LAPD has since gone to extreme measures to protect the dozens of families and law enforcement officers mentioned in the suspect's lengthy manifesto.

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Rich and his daughter, Samantha, a student at Holy Angels school, say in the wake of the Dorner manhunt, they understand why classes were canceled.

"I think it was shocking that it came so close to where we're at and that there's a possibility that something could happen to us," said Samantha.

Samantha, who is an alter server at the school's church, stayed away from prayer services this weekend as a precaution.

"This individual has already shown that he seems to go after the family members of the people he has some grudge against, and unfortunately what more profile person to go after than a priest," said Rich.

The church's associate pastor will take over for now. Police have also stepped up patrols around the church. Holy Angels School will stay closed until officials are certain Dorner does not pose a threat. The closure will be day to day. Parents will receive an email every night at 8 p.m. to inform them if there are classes the following day.

"It's definitely shocking that someone would do something like that to innocent people who haven't done anything wrong, but it's reality and it can happen," said Samantha.

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