Monterey Park residents warned of posing city employee burglars


Officials said two men are reportedly working together to distract residents.

A man, claiming to be a Monterey Park Planning Department employee, knocked on the door of a residence and requested access to her yard to conduct a survey.

Once in the back yard, a second unidentified suspect entered her home and robbed her of jewels and money.

The suspect posing as a city employee was described as a white male in his early 40s with a tall and slender build. He also reportedly had a clean shaven complexion and pock marks on his face.

The victim said the suspect's appearance and demeanor was professional. She also said he was carrying a clipboard and a Monterey Park ID card with him during the time of the robbery.

The victim did not see or hear the suspects' vehicle.

The Monterey Park Police Department is urging residents to call the police immediately if anyone claiming to be a city employee or service worker requests entry into homes or backyards.

Distraction Burglars have been known to represent themselves as city employees, tree trimmers, and utility workers such as Edison, Gas Company, Cable workers.

Anyone who needs police assistance or has any information regarding the suspect was urged to contact the Monterey Park Police Department at (626) 573-1311 or call 911.

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