Conn. woman in labor rushed to hospital in sled

Naugatuck, Conn.

The wild ride started on Sunday after a massive blizzard blanketed the Northeast with record snowfall.

Lauri Wood, 42, was having contractions, so her husband came up with an idea. With the help of friends and neighbors, James Wood put his wife onto a friend's homemade sled and started the long trip down a steep hill.

"I was completely out of breath while I was pulling her and I was just hoping that I didn't pass out on the journey cause it was, it was not easy," James said.

It took the group nearly 40 minutes to finally make it to a waiting car.

Shortly after arriving at the hospital, Lauri gave birth to a little seven-pound, ten-ounce snowman, thanks to her friends and that sled.

"I thought pulling me through the snow was a crazy idea to begin with but obviously it worked," Lauri said.

The Wood's' named their son Jimmy.

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