Student nabs NorCal teacher on camera allegedly stealing from students

LINDEN, Calif.

Linden High School sophomore Justine Betti and other students in her gym class at began noticing money and other items missing from their backpacks. So Betti decided to hide inside a locker with a cameraphone to capture the thefts on camera. But she never imagined what she would see.

"It was tough to believe that she was doing that because she was such a nice teacher and I really liked her. But I couldn't believe that she was doing something like that," Betti said.

Betti went back into a locker, this time holding the cameraphone and put another cameraphone in another locker.

The unidentified teacher's sister is denying the allegations. The school district and local authorities are investigating. The case is also in the hands of a district attorney, who will decide if the teacher will be charged with any crimes.

In the meantime, the 30-year teaching veteran has been placed on paid administrative leave.

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