Customized makeup can match exact skin tone


After many years of loyalty to another brand, Marie Suits of Irvine was on a quest to find new beauty products that could truly adapt to her skin.

"To have a look that's natural and yet suitable for my age and my lifestyle," described Suits.

She sought help at Sayuki Custom Cosmetics, where modern technology meets makeup.

"I spent a ton of money on a lot of products that I just ended up throwing out, and trying to mix them, and they never were a true match," said Tracy Sayuki Wells, founder of Sayuki Cosmetics.

Wells worked alongside her father to create a truly personalized makeup line that complemented her English-Irish-German-Japanese skin tone.

"I know nothing about makeup, lipstick, foundation," described Wells' father and Sayuki Cosmetics investor Larry Igarashi. "I wanted to make her dream come true because she's been in the cosmetics industry for 16 years."

To get the coloring just right, Igarashi used computer software and medical technology to design the skin-color scanning device.

"No, it doesn't hurt. It's very easy and quick and simple. It's like taking a picture," described Wells.

You begin with a quick consultation, and your data is entered. Then, gently lean your face against the scanning machine.

Just like mixing paint at a paint store, Sayuki machines blend, pour and shake your personal recipe for exact-matching, luxurious and natural looking makeup.

From start to finish, you can get your very own customized Sayuki makeup in just under 10 minutes.

"We can match anyone's skin color in the world. It's almost like duplicating your skin color in a bottle."

Men are welcome, too. There are more Sayuki locations in the works.

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