'Argo' receives 'Made in Hollywood' award


Scenes of the Tehran airport were shot at Ontario Airport. The Canadian ambassador's home was shot at a house in Hancock Park.

Thursday the city of Los Angeles awarded Warner Brothers the "Made in Hollywood" award for shooting so much of the film in Southern California.

"Someone has to make a commitment. Warner Brothers made a commitment. And I'm sure they'd all like to work in Hollywood but there's some other factors, the creativity of the filmmaker, but this was the one that was made here," said L.A. City Councilman Tom LaBonge.

Altogether 11 out of the 15 weeks of shooting were in Southern California. The film employed nearly 900 cast and crewmembers and brought $31 million dollars to the local economy.

"This film was fortunate enough to benefit from the California Production Tax Incentive Program, which allows the state to effectively compete in the global marketplace for film production," said Barry Meyer, chairman and chief executive officer, Warner Bros. Entertainment.

There are some scenes shot on the Warner Bros. lot. Another scene around a pool was shot in Bel-Air at a private residence.

It's not always easy filming in Southern California. Some say it is too expensive. Officials say their needs to be incentives to keep the business and the jobs here.

"The mayor and the council and the state representatives, the governor, all have to be pro-filming," said LaBonge.

The winner of last year's Made in Hollywood award was "The Artist." It also won the Best Picture Oscar. People here hope that happens again.

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