VenaCure is new way to treat varicose veins


For 12 years, Linda Grim had persistent swelling and was on her way to inheriting the unwanted heirlooms.

"At one point my right foot had at least a full shoe size different than my left foot," she said.

Vascular surgeon Dr. Eric Peden says VenaCure is the new, minimally invasive ablation procedure that is becoming the new standard for many doctors.

"For me this is my preferred treatment," he said.

The treatment burns the vein wall, causing varicose veins to collapse on themselves and vanish. Peden says there are similar catheter procedures, but VenaCure leads to less damage to surrounding tissues, which means less discomfort and bruising post-operation.

The new method also offers less concentrated heat. That means less risk of puncturing the vein, and less pain, too. Overall, it's 98 percent effective.

"They're up, walking out of your office, and they're back to their normal work in a day, four days at the most," said Dr. Alan Wladis.

Grim hopes the 25-minute treatment cures her constant swelling. In the meantime, she's walking out of the doctor's office pain-free, and varicose vein free.

Doctors say just about everyone with varicose veins can be treated with VenaCure. The procedure is usually covered by insurance if a patient is symptomatic and hasn't responded to other conservative treatments.

People interested in the vein procedure can visit the VenaCure website and locate a doctor near them who uses this technology.

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