'Internet Casanova' accused of stealing online dates' possessions


The young Don Juan targeted dozens of women, until he finally met his match.

Police say Raymond Holycross, 29, of Plymouth, Ind., has spent years logging onto dating websites, moving in with the women he woos and then taking everything they owned.

"I think he relies on girls that he meets on the Internet to provide him with what he needs to get through life," said Medford Police Department Lt. Michael Budreau.

Theresa Bridegroom, 35, says she was one of his victims.

"He had been texting over 25, 30 different women, meeting up with seven, eight women a day when he said he was supposedly at work," she said.

When she found out the man she was living with and dating since September was a con artist, she concocted a story of her own, texting him that she'd just gotten her tax money back and wanted to spend it. Shortly after he arrived, she called police.

"That's when I found out all the information about all of the websites and dating sites," she said.

Holycross was arraigned Friday in Indiana on theft charges. Holycross is also wanted in Oregon on two counts stemming from an identity theft charge.

Bridegroom had a front row seat in court Friday. That's when Holycross realized it was Bridegroom who busted him.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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