Expert weighs in on 'post-Oscar bump'


"It's interesting, because the challenge is, what do you do with that bump?" said Jon Weisman, awards editor at "Variety."

"You'll be able to cash in on that paycheck, but so much of it is choosing the right role for you and the role that is going to pay off for you, either in terms of excitement or in terms of popularity," he added.

Weisman said Jennifer Lawrence probably figures to benefit from the post-Oscar bump the most, although her career was already taking off because she starred in "Hunger Games" in addition to "Silver Linings Playbook."

"Certainly winning the Oscar at age 22 sort of shoots her into the stratosphere at this point," Weisman said. "It's her world at this point."

Weisman says "Life of Pi's" honors could translate to big money. The film's director, Ang Lee, took the Best Director award.

"'Life of Pi' was sort of the quiet one during awards season, but really had 11 nominations and none of them were for acting, so that really had a lot of different branches of the Academy supporting it," Weisman said. "That's why the Ang Lee one didn't surprise me as much as it did some other people."

According to, "Lincoln" has brought in the most money of the best picture nominees with $178.6 million. It's followed by "Django Unchained" with $158.7 million, "Les Miserables" with $146.6 million, "Argo" with $129.6 million and "life of Pi" with $113.5 million.

By comparison, the top 2012 box office hit "The Avengers" made more than $623 million.

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