'Oz' witches played by 3 acclaimed actresses


Three-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams brings Glinda to life in the new movie. During filming, she saw wonderment in children's eyes.

"When I would have the chance to interact, like the little girls that are in the movie, and to walk by them when I'm in my full hair and makeup and costume and all that stuff and to see the effect that it had on them and to see them kind of melt a little bit, what's better than making a kid happy?" Williams said.

Oscar winner Rachel Weisz may scare a kid or two.

"She is just pure, pure evil. But in order to get what she wants, she pretends to be sweet or submissive or loving towards her sister or she just lies," said Weisz.

Mila Kunis also plays a witch. And in one revealing costume not being revealed in clips, she wore a leather corset with a hidden harness for flying.

"I don't have a cleavage in real life but all of a sudden in this movie, they're huge, they're massive! They were distracting for myself," Kunis said.

"Oz the Great and Powerful" is rated PG. It will be in theaters March 8.

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