Cool Kid gives thanks to military personnel, families through art


Taylor Brennan may be just a sophomore, but he's already making a difference. He's organized the Portraits of Courage Club at La Salle High School.

"We're student artists of all grade levels. We've gotten together and we meet once a week after school and we create portraits of fallen soldiers, injured soldiers or just ones that have been deployed and gone for a while," said Taylor.

Last year, Taylor started another club called Support Our Troops. Among other activities they sent care packages to our men and women serving overseas. The new club is geared more toward the families here at home.

"What I wanted to do is create portraits of the actual people to kind of be like a memento for family members when they are gone, when they are injured," said Taylor.

Taylor is young but has shown abilities way beyond his chronological age.

"He's a very mature individual and he's very thoughtful and he's extremely organized, and he's a leader," said art teacher Joanne McGee-Lamb.

A service member's family experiences a lot while their loved one is serving. Taylor wants to make sure they know how much they are also appreciated.

"I think like a reward in the sense of a 'thank you' coming from other people showing them that we care about them, we care about what their family members have gone through," said Taylor.

Taylor Brennan is a young man who cares for those who are serving our country and for the families that love and support them. That makes him our Cool Kid.

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