Downtown LA police chase: 3 alleged burglary suspects in custody


The chase began through the streets of Duarte as Los Angeles County Sheriff's patrol cars pursued the suspects.

Shortly after noon, California Highway Patrol officers began chasing the car on the westbound 60 Freeway near the 605 Freeway to assist deputies. The chase led to the downtown Los Angeles area when the suspects exited the 101 Freeway at Alameda Avenue.

Speeds reached up to 100 miles an hour as the suspects in the sedan weaved through traffic and ran red lights through the city.

At one point, the vehicle appeared to be boxed in and a CHP officer got out of his patrol car and pointed his gun at the suspects in the car. However, traffic at the intersection began to move and the suspects nearly hit the officer when the vehicle took off around the corner.

As they sped through neighborhoods, a patrol car attempted to perform a PIT maneuver and rear-ended the suspects' vehicle. The car swerved and hopped onto a curb, almost slamming into a utility worker.

The driver regained control and continued to give chase, speeding through intersections, narrowly hitting a mother and her daughter as they were crossing the street.

Authorities said the pursuit ended on 71st Street and Broadway Avenue after a patorl car executed a PIT maneuver, which caused the driver to lose control.

When the car stopped, the female driver and the two male passengers attempted to flee from police on foot. The female suspect was quickly apprehended. The remaining two male suspects were caught soon after.

The events that led up to the pursuit remain under investigation.

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