LA mayor's race: Greuel has slight lead over Garcetti - poll


The latest Eyewitness News SurveyUSA poll released Monday morning shows City Controller Wendy Greuel at 28 percent, Councilman Eric Garcetti at 26 percent, former prosecutor Kevin James at 15 percent, Councilwoman Jan Perry at 12 percent and former tech executive Emanuel Pleitez at 9 percent. Seven percent are undecided and 3 percent of respondents planned to vote for other candidates.

Garcetti led by three points on Feb. 18, but for the first time, Greuel had a slight lead, but it's within the survey's margin of error.

Greuel and Garcetti were out before dawn on Monday campaigning. Garcetti is traveling on mass transit all day to meet voters. He started in Wilmington, where he met with members of the longshoremen's union.

"L.A. is a place that works hard, and I want this city to work. I want there to be jobs, and I want City Hall to work for these men and women, return a phone call, pave the streets, fix the basic things in a neighborhood once again," Garcetti said.

Garcetti has been pummeled by negative ads released by the Greuel Campaign and her supporters. He said he doesn't think the ads will hurt him at the polls.

"I know that voters don't want to see us fighting with each other. They want to know whether we're going to fight for them," Garcetti said.

Garcetti also went door-to-door in Boyle Heights. He wrapped up the day's campaigning at Diddy Riese in Westwood.

Greuel started in downtown Los Angeles at the produce mart and then headed south to San Pedro.

"I've gotten support from all over the city of Los Angeles," Greuel said. "That's because I've been working hard as the city controller and is someone who is going to get L.A. back on track."

Greuel also visited OPI, a nail lacquer manufacturer, in North Hollywood.

"A great business in the San Fernando Valley that has 500 jobs," she said. "We need to have more businesses like this."

Greuel has the backing of the union for the Department of Water and Power. The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is running TV ads and spending more than $1.4 million to get her elected.

Garcetti has said the union will expect raises in return for all that money. Greuel denies that.

"Absolutely not," Greuel said. "I am a person who has a lot of supporters, more than 7,000 people who have donated to my campaign."

Greuel made her last stop at a King Taco near downtown.

The other candidates also campaigned Monday.

Perry was at an event where she spoke against Proposition A, the proposed sales tax increase. She has trailed in the polls, but she says she has her own internal tracking numbers.

"The results of them, which showed in absentee ballots the people who have already voted, I was coming in at 27 percent," Perry said.

James campaigned in the afternoon at the farmer's market in the Fairfax District with former Mayor Richard Riordan.

"What's key about that poll is that you still have a large, undecided number, and you have 46 percent that said that they could be persuaded to change their vote between now and tomorrow, Election Day," James said.

James met with supporters at his Sherman Oaks office at night.

"We are solidly in third place but inching in," he said.

Pleitez has spent his time running all over the city as part of his 100 mile run and bike trek to get his message out to voters.

"Voters are getting to know me, they've gotten to know me the last eight months through the campaign, and quite frankly, they're tired just like I was before I decided to run, of our current politicians and what they've done," Pleitez said.

With voter turnout expected to be low and a race involving several City Hall regulars and a long shot candidate, it is expected to end in a two-person runoff. That is expected to take place May 21.

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