John Muir teacher attacked by parent, daughters speaks out - exclusive


Wednesday morning, the teacher, who wished to remain anonymous, says she was attacked on campus right outside her classroom by 33-year-old Kiki Fowler, a parent of one her students, and Fowler's older daughter, who was a former student at John Muir.

"Once the mother swung at me, the daughter just came at me and it all happened so fast," the teacher said. "It was shocking to me. She started swinging like how girls fight with their hands, and I'm trying to protect myself. And then she grabbed me and then she threw me down to the ground."

The teacher says she was beat up for several minutes. Her shirt and bra even ripped off her body, leaving her exposed to the classroom of special education students she had been teaching moments before.

A number of people say they ran to her aide, including two other teachers who also wanted to keep their identities confidential.

"There were several people telling the mother and child to get off of her, stop, and they just made no attempt to do that," said one teacher who witnessed the attack. "They just kept going at it."

The other teacher explained that the incident completely caught her off-guard.

"I was thinking, I was not trained for this, this is not what I signed up for," she said. 'Who goes to work thinking that they are going to be involved in an incident like this? Who goes to work thinking that a parent is going to attack them?"

The teacher who came under attack has taught special education at John Muir for 14 years. She says she had no warning and no idea why Fowler and her daughter were so angry. But it turns out it was all because the teacher wouldn't allow Fowler's 7th grade daughter to wear a hoodie in class, which is a school-wide policy.

But the victim says the bigger concern for her and other staff at John Muir is what they call a lack of security on campus. They say parents and students are allowed to roam the campus without restrictions.

"I don't see and I don't feel like there's a lot of security on campus," said one of the teachers.

The teacher surprised by the attack says it took school security much too long to respond to the incident.

"I could not believe that it took forever to get someone to come to her rescue. It took forever," she said.

Fowler and her two daughters were taken into custody after the incident. Fowler was arrested and has since posted bail.

Her daughters were taken to Los Padrinos Juvenile Detention Center. The teacher who was attacked says she suffered scratches and a sprained neck and shoulder.

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