IV hydration treatments are latest trend in wellness


She says she suffers from fatigue due to low thyroid function.

"I was always tired, always exhausted. Mentally I knew I could do a lot of stuff, but my body would not respond," she said.

Patients go to the Angel City Longevity Medical Center to get IV infusions for all kinds of different health complaints. Dr. Anju Mathur says the most popular IV treatment is a vitamin C mega-dose.

"Vitamin C intravenous is a powerful flash oxidizer. What it does is it quenches all the free radicals in the body," Mathur said.

IV therapies such as this are also popping up at medical spas across the country. Clients say they're looking for an instant fix.

"It's a pleasure and you walk out and you feel fantastic already," said one patient.

Reviv Med Spa in Florida offers intravenous treatments that contain antioxidants, which they claim help people with many ailments.

"If people are suffering from dehydration, sunburns, poor nutrition, extreme activity, or even hangovers," said Johnny Parvani, a doctor at the spa.

But critics point out there is no scientific research that shows any of these IV drips help with fatigue, sunburn, jetlag or hangovers. And there are risks involved.

"IV therapy is fraught with many complications that range from as simple as inflammation to the vein, to more complex complications such as an infection that can occur, and then very rarely an air embolus can occur with air going into the needle," said Gail D'Onofrio, Chair of Yale's Department of Emergency Medicine. But Mathur emphasizes air embolisms are very rare.

Gudino says her IV infusions are a complement to the western medicine she receives.

"I have the energy to do anything," she said.

If you are going to get an IV energy treatment, make sure it's at a facility run by a doctor. They should be aware of any prior health concerns, and make sure the IVs are administered by a doctor or registered nurse.

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