Celebrities hacked: Financial info may have been posted


At first glance, the website looks ominous, and if you click on the links at the bottom of the home page, you'll find a list of celebrities and politicians. Those links connect to pages that reveal complex financial statements, social security numbers, credit ratings, phone numbers and even home addresses.

Kevin Haley, who works for the online security company Norton, says it's not unusual for hackers to target celebrities.

"What makes it even worse is that it's financial information that was stolen. It's not simply a login and password to a social media site or a Twitter account. This is very serious stuff," Haley said.

The celebrity targets in this case include Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian and Mel Gibson, among others.

There is no way to independently verify if the all the information posted on the website is accurate. Calls to representatives for the celebrities listed went unanswered, but a spokesman for the FBI in Washington said, "We're aware of the website."

Those who were allegedly hacked by the website's creators also include Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and even LAPD Chief Charlie Beck.

"Obviously we take all these things seriously," LAPD Capt. Andy Smith said. "Our threat management unit takes a look at any of those things. Naturally we don't discuss any of the intimate details of how we go about those investigations or what we do to protect our personnel, but we take all incidents like this very seriously."

It's not clear if any law enforcement agency is investigating who exactly is responsible for the website.

Online security experts say to avoid being hacked, use complex passwords on sensitive accounts and change them frequently.

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