Fire truck hits tree, splits in half; 4 firefighters hurt


In the middle of answering a medical call, a fire truck split in half after crashing into a tree at Crescent Avenue and Los Altos Drive.

"It was going very fast and when it got onto the side street it was on two wheels. I guess it tried to correct itself and ended up wrapped around the tree," said witness Karvinna Briese.

Jonathon Cutler said he heard a loud boom and felt his house shake.

"I come running outside and I see firemen coming out the front side of the truck," said Cutler. "The fireman sat right here on my grass and he looked all dazed out, kind of confused a little."

Four firefighters, including two paramedics were hurt, but they are expected to survive. No civilians were involved in the crash.

"We have a very big crash behind us with no major injuries so that's the good news," said Capt. Marc Stone with the Orange County Fire Authority.

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