'Nashville' stars talk show's success, what's coming up


Connie Britton's "Rayna James" has been through all the misery of a good country song. She'd love a little break from the bad.

"The poor woman has suffered enough. But I do love the way that she suffers. She sort of takes the hard knocks and I think she goes through it with a lot of grace," said Britton.

Hayden Panettiere confesses to some disrobing moments in future episodes. She loves being on the show and she really loves all the musical success.

"When you go and look at iTunes and you see that 'Nashville's' soundtrack is No. 1 on iTunes, it's like too good to be true," said Panettiere.

Charles Esten feels the same way about all that's happened for him. But he says he's been blessed with interesting roles for years.

"I married Kelly Bundy on the final 'Married with Children.' I was Murphy Brown's secretary, you know, I was a Klingon. So I've had a great, great stretch here," said Esten.

The creator of "Nasvhille" says you can expect more real country stars to appear and expect "Gunnar" to get some company to get over the grief of his brother's death.

"There's a new character introduced in a few episodes time, played by Chris Carmack, who kind of tries to shake Gunnar up a bit, takes him out of that sad space and into some new adventures," said Sam Palladio, who plays Gunnar.

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