Cool Kid helps boost confidence in underprivileged children


Phoebe Stoeckel has been involved in helping her community for quite a while. While doing one good deed she came up with the idea of another way to help people who really need it.

"Since we adopted the family through MEND, we looked into how big of an issue homelessness in L.A. alone is," said Phoebe. "And we realized that it's a horrible epidemic."

Phoebe helped form Operation Dress Up. She gathers clothes from schools, community organization and clothing drives. Then she makes sure the clothes get to those who need them.

"These kids are underprivileged. They can't just go out on a shopping spree whenever they want. So it feels really good to help them to get them clothing for themselves," said Phoebe.

Phoebe says there's another big payoff for the kids who get clothes from Operation Dress Up.

"If they're not worrying about not having clothes or being ashamed that they have old, ratty hand-me-downs, they they'll realize they'll have time to study. They'll feel more comfortable," said Phoebe.

Phoebe's already done so much for those facing hard times. But she's planning on a future where she's of service to so many more.

"Operation Dress Up is something that I started and I'm going to keep working with it. I want it to live on into the future. I want it to grow," said Phoebe. "It doesn't even have to be a local thing. I really want it to be through the state."

Phoebe Stoeckel helps bring clothes and some much-needed confidence to lots of children. And that makes her our Cool Kid.

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