Big rig slams cars, pedestrian on San Diego freeway; only minor injuries


It all started when a car traveling southbound on the 805 Freeway struck a traffic sign on the shoulder of the road at about 3:30 a.m. Friday. The sign went flying over the center median and onto the northbound lanes, where multiple cars hit the object.

The sign got stuck under two cars, leaving the vehicles stranded in the middle of the freeway with their hazard lights flashing. One of the motorists got out of his car to try to dislodge the sign.

That's when the big rig came speeding down the freeway. The driver hit the brakes too late. The big rig, which was carrying double trailers, slammed into the cars and the motorist who had exited his car.

The big rig also struck another car that was stranded on the side of the road nearby. The driver in that car told a local videographer that he was calling 911 for help when he was hit.

California Highway Patrol officers and fire crews arrived on scene and shut down the freeway for several hours.

One victim was taken to the hospital, miraculously, with only minor injuries. The truck driver was not hurt.

CHP is investigating why the initial vehicle struck the traffic sign in the first place.

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