LA high school senior asks Kate Upton to prom, she says maybe


Jake, 17, of Sherman Oaks, created a YouTube video to ask Sports Illustrated supermodel Kate Upton to the big dance - and as you can imagine, the video invite has gone viral since it was posted Sunday.

"She likes sports, nice personality, just everything about her screams perfect prom date, and I want the perfect prom date," Jake said.

Jake figured he had nothing to lose. As it turns out, he's actually got a chance. Upton, 20, tweeted one response so far, and it's a strong maybe.

"How could I turn down that video! I'll check my schedule," Upton's tweet said in part, ending in a winky face.

In the meantime, Jake said he is waiting to see if his dream prom date will come true.

"I will take a maybe and run with a maybe and thank you Kate for giving me a maybe," Jake said.

Talia Myers, Jake's family friend who goes to USC film school, said the 1-minute-and-46-second video took about five hours to film and 20 minutes to edit.

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