'Sexy in 6' workout trains in short bursts


"I lost 12 pounds, and more importantly, I lost inches around my waist and my hips. I went down two dress sizes," said Liz Price of South Pasadena.

Six years ago, Price tried "Sexy in 6," a six-week program where you exercise in bouts of six-minute bursts several times daily, with results so great she has stayed with it today.

"It really changed so much about how I approach working out, how I approach food, how I approach just life," said Price.

Creator Tracey Mallett says it is a blend of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility -- the three components of fitness, wrapped up into energetic bursts of activity.

"The reason why 'Sexy in 6' was a success was because it was easy to do and it was cross-training," said Mallett. "Maybe you do six minutes in the morning, the lunch, the evening, but you need to do accumulation of probably at least 20 minutes a day. Because if you're working to full intensity as maximum as you can do, you will get results."

Your body doesn't like it when you feed it the exact same foods all the time, so there's no surprise it isn't motivated by the same exercise routine. So while you may stay within a six- or seven-minute time frame, what you do in those six minutes is very important.

Price takes high intensity training, or H.I.T., with something called Tabata training, where you go all out for short burst intervals.

And while Tabata and H.I.T. sound fancy, they really fine tune the basic principal of interval training, which is the premise "Sexy in 6" was based upon.

"To be quite honest, a lunge is a lunge, a squat is a squat, a bicep curl is a bicep curl, but it's really understanding how to do them more effectively," said Mallett.

Mallett's "Sexy in 6" DVD is on the market as a refresher course, along with her recent "Functional Training" DVD, which drives home the proper biomechanics and fitness formula for those that need health in a hurry.

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