'Dancing With The Stars': Andy Dick's old sitcom cast cheers him on


"We love Andy and he is doing so well," said actress Sara Rue. "We've seen him in good times and not so good times, and this seems to be a really good time for him and so we all want to come out and support and encourage that because we love that Andy so much."

The show's been off the air since 2006, but the cast remains as tight as ever.

"I think the four years we spent together as a cast was really incredible one, I know it was for me, and I feel like it was for everybody else," actor Zachary Levi said. "Andy has a really special place in our hearts for many reasons and we have seen him go through some really tough times."

Dick said it did make him a little nervous to see his old friends in the audience, but he's felt their support for years.

"I kind of put those guys through hell and they were always trying to lift me up, and they did a lot, all of them," Dick said.

"Andy has some very special friends here and we are all very supportive," actor Patrick John Warburton said.

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