LA mayor race: Magic Johnson endorses Wendy Greuel, Jan Perry endorses Eric Garcetti


At the 28th Street YMCA in South Los Angeles, Garcetti got the endorsement of City Councilwoman Jan Perry, who ran in the primary and received nearly 60,000 votes.

"That is the mission and the message of our campaign now together to make sure that we lift up this city, and I couldn't be prouder to have the support of Jan Perry. I'm so honored to have your endorsement today," Garcetti said.

A few miles away at the West Angeles Church of God, Greuel was endorsed by Laker legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson.

Johnson says he looked at both candidates, who were each seeking his endorsement. He called Garcetti Thursday morning and told him he was going with Greuel.

"She's the only candidate that has the private side, and then the public side. What we need is somebody who had been in business before, who can also recruit business," he said.

During the primary, Greuel sent out a mailer to voters saying Perry had filed for personal bankruptcy and urged, "Don't let her bankrupt Los Angeles." Perry is still upset about that.

"I didn't need to engage in false pretenses, that's not who I am," Perry said.

Perry says she received a call from Greuel, but she never returned the call.

"Instead of dealing with substance, she went to the personal. That was not necessary," Perry said.

Greuel defended her move.

"I think that we are public figures and everything we do is an open book," she said. "Look, this is politics. I did call her to talk to her; I've known her for a long time. After this election a lot of things happen."

Garcetti has set up a campaign office in South Los Angeles. Johnson and Greuel say they will go door to door in South Los Angeles, where the vote could be crucial in the election.

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