1500 Critical Mass bicyclists take to streets for recovering cyclist Damian Kevitt


"This was in tribute to Damian, we want to come out here and just really support him, show him we're there for him and hopefully bring a smile to his face," said Conrad Culling, a Critical Mass rider.

Damian Kevitt was riding his bike to the L.A. Zoo last month when a minivan hit the 36-year-old, dragging him 600 feet and then kept going.

Critically injured, Kevitt's right leg had to be partially amputated. He underwent his ninth surgery Friday, in an attempt to save his left foot.

As the 1500 riders rolled by County-USC where Kevitt remains hospitalized, they're calling for more awareness of the rules of the road and stricter enforcement, especially in a town they say is known as the hit-and-run capital of the U.S.

Kevitt's mother says the massive ride is a major boost to her son.

"It helps his healing to know that these people care," said Michele Kevitt Kirkland. "It helps his healing to know that people are out having a good time riding their bicycles, that's very uplifting because he loves cycling and he intends to get back on his bicycle."

As he fights to recover, another family is mourning. The hunt is now on for the hit and run driver who killed 18-year-old /*David Granados*/.

Kevitt's mother and the Granados family are determined to the hit-and-run drivers. In Kevitt's case, a $25,000 reward is being offered. Anyone with information is urged to call the CHP.

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