Stephenie Meyer talks new film 'The Host'


In this story, aliens, not vampires, are on the hunt for humans. Meyer said the men in her life preferred reading "The Host" over her "Twilight" books.

"I think 'Twilight' is a little bit of a stretch because you are putting yourself into the body of a 17-year-old girl falling in love with a beautiful boy and they didn't relate to that," Meyer said. "With 'The Host,' it's a broader story, there's a lot more for everyone and I think there is a lot more than just being human. Rather than specifically romantic love, it's more than that and I think Diane Kruger doesn't hurt."

Kruger plays it tough, as does Saoirse Ronan as a teenager who won't die even after an alien takes over her body.

"The Host" is a sci-fi action-thriller romance. While Meyer didn't write the screenplay of her book, she is one of the film's producers. She says she always avoided creative writing courses as a student because she felt too vulnerable.

"It's one thing to write a research paper. You have all these people to back you up and you got this subject that no one can argue with," she said, "but with creative writing, this is just you, and if it's not good, then it's you that's not good and that is a really vulnerable place to put yourself."

Meyer seems at ease talking about "The Host," but it was a much different story when she suddenly shot to fame with the enormous success of "Twilight."

So, what has changed?

"With 'Twilight,' just sitting down having an interview would make me physically ill, I was so nervous," she said. "It's nice that now I am a little bit more comfortable with it, but it wasn't easy for me. I'm actually naturally a very shy person, so it's been a long journey."

And it's not over. Meyer says she's working on the next "Host" book.

"The Host" is rated PG-13 and it's probably best for a teen audience.

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