Fontana police K9 injured after suspect allegedly pushed dog out 2-story window


Ashley Krampe, who lives at her grandparents' house in Fontana, says it all started when her boyfriend, Byan Bills, came over Sunday afternoon to visit their kids.

According to Fontana police, Bills is a parolee who was wanted by authorities.

"My grandparents were out of town, and my grandparents said he's not allowed here at the property period, and I told him from the beginning do not to come over here, because, one, the neighbors are watching the house, and if they see you here, they're going to call the cops," she said.

Somebody did call the cops. When police arrived, Krampe says Bills was in a second floor bedroom, backed up to the window, refusing to come out. Police deployed the K9, named Jaris, into the home to go get him.

"The dog approached suspect Bills to engage him, Bills was standing in front of the window, he sidestepped the dog, and used the dogs momentum to push him out the window," said Fontana police Lt. Gary Aulis.

Police say Jaris landed on his head. He was examined by a veterinarian, but besides a large gash on his face, he'll be OK and hopefully back on patrol by the end of the week.

"We're incredibly lucky that Jaris didn't sustain any major injuries, he fell upside down, dogs are not like cats they cannot turn over, and he was at the mercy of gravity and he landed on his head and his back on the cement when he hit the ground," said Aulis.

Bills was arrested for intentionally harming a police service dog, resisting arrest, and a parole violation.

As for Krampe, she thinks her boyfriend didn't do anything wrong.

"I don't think he did anything to the dog, I think it was just an accident, the dog went to launch at him, he moved and there was nowhere more for him to go but out the window I guess."

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