LA mayor race: Rep. Brad Sherman endorses Wendy Greuel


"We need the candidate with the best experience to lead Los Angeles and hopefully also the greatest dedication to fight for the San Fernando Valley," said Sherman.

Representative Sherman said transportation in and out of the Valley is one of the issues the next mayor of L.A. must address, as well as changing the environment for small-business owners in the city.

"Brad Sherman and I share a vision for the city of Los Angeles," said Greuel. "We want a city that is going to create and attract great jobs and make Los Angeles a great place to do business."

On the other side of town, city councilman and rival mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti addressed a crowd at a family center he says he helped open that gives local residents assistance with parenting classes, tutoring, job placement and taxes.

"My top priority is to make government work for the people, to make sure that red tape gets cut, to make it easy for taxpayers get the help that they need, to get their problems solved," said Garcetti.

Tuesday, former mayoral candidate Republican Kevin James announced he's backing Garcetti. The move is significant because James received nearly a quarter of the votes cast in the San Fernando Valley during the primary election. But Wednesday Garcetti dismissed Sherman's support of Greuel.

"All the endorsements are less important than the voters themselves," said Garcetti. "The only endorsement that matters is people who show up and vote for you, so while a lot of people are fixated on the names that are behind us, I'm fixated on a campaign that can win and that can help govern this city."

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