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Car burglars' high-tech gadget stumps Long Beach police

April 3, 2013 12:00:00 AM PDT
Surveillance video has shown Long Beach police that high-tech thieves are behind a series of car burglaries. Investigators said they have never seen anything like it.

"We've shown this video to experts in the field and everybody right now, they don't know what it is," Det. Joe Starbird said.

A suspect caught on camera can be seen holding a device in his left hand as he approaches an Acura TL. The device disabled the car alarm and unlocks the door. Another suspect caught on camera has the same device and gets inside the Acura SUV. The burglars try to unlock a Ford Escape and a Cadillac, but they don't succeed.

Police said six other cars in Eldorado Estates were broken into on the morning of Feb. 26.

"The victims, when we talked to them, told us they were positive they locked their car doors," Starbird said.

The homeowner had installed the security cameras just two weeks before the break-in. To avoid being victimized, police say it's best to remove all personal belongings even if you've locked the doors.

Detectives hope somebody will recognize the suspects and come forward so they can find out what the suspects are holding that's giving them the upper hand.