Colorado corrections chief killing: Gang member arrested


James Lohr was taken into custody early Friday morning. Authorities say Lohr was wanted for questioning in Clements' killing. It remains unclear if Lohr has been charged. Officials say he is a member of a white supremacist prison gang.

Police say Lohr is not a suspect in Clements' murder. However, he is a known associate of the alleged gunman, Evan Ebel.

Clements was gunned down in front of his home March 19. The motive for the slaying isn't clear.

Ebel was killed days later in a shootout in Texas.

Police are still looking for a second man in connection with the case, Thomas Guolee. According to investigators, Lohr and Guolee are known members of the 211 Crew, the same gang that has been linked to Ebel.

Ebel was released from prison four years early due to a clerical error and violated his parole terms five days Clements was killed.

Ebel is the only suspect that investigators have named in Clements' death. They have said they're looking into his connection to the 211 Crew, and whether that was connected to the attack.

Guolee is a parolee who served time for intimidating a witness and giving a pawnbroker false information, among other charges, court records show. Lohr was being sought on warrants out of Las Animas County for a bail violation and a violation of a protection order, according to court records.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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