California Powerball ticket sales start Monday


Powerball, which is already offered in 42 states, will be available in California for the first time. The jackpots are bigger than Mega Millions or SuperLotto. They start at $40 million.

California Powerball: What are your odds of winning?

The tickets, however, are more expensive at $2 apiece. Players will pick five unique numbers, plus a Powerball number, from 1 through 35.

Gary Lorden, a Caltech professor emeritus of mathematics, says the odds of winning big money playing Powerball are definitely not in your favor. In fact, he says you're more likely to be killed in an accident on your way to buying a lottery ticket than you are to win the top prize.

"That would be too bad, particularly if you got hit on your way home and they found you with your ticket in your pocket and then your heirs would have to cash it," Lorden said.

For more on your odds of winning Powerball, check out Consumer Specialist Ric Romero's report here.

As for the state, it stands to earn anywhere from $90 million to $120 million in annual revenue from Powerball sales.

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