Sophisticated real estate fraud uncovered in SoCal


Anna Moskovyan, 30, is facing multiple counts of grand theft and recording of false and fraudulent documents related to properties in Los Angeles County and beyond.

She was arrested on March 28 when she was appearing in a Glendale courtroom on an unrelated matter.

Moskovyan allegedly identified real estate properties that were scheduled for tax lien sales and then recorded forged grant deeds, transferring ownership of the properties from the rightful owners to herself. She then claimed the rights to receive the money left over after the property was sold and the tax liens were paid off.

According to investigators, Moskovyan also recorded dozens of phony Mechanic's Liens for paint work that was never done on titles of real estate properties in foreclosure. Several financial institutions paid Moskovyan to remove the fraudulent liens in order to clear the titles so the properties could be foreclosed upon and resold.

Her scheme, which allegedly netted her about $100,000, came to light when several property owners and their families filed complaints with the L.A. County Department of Consumer Affairs.

Moskovyan is being held on $1.24 million bail. She is scheduled to appear in court on April 16.

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