LA mayor race: Congresswomen offer opposing endorsements


It's another day of dueling endorsements: Monday morning Congresswoman Maxine Waters became the co-chair of the Wendy Greuel campaign.

"When you add to her public service work, all that she's done in business, then you have a woman who's not only eminently qualified, but she has the kind of experience that most people don't get: work in both public service and in private service," said Rep. Waters (D-Los Angeles).

Greuel and Waters were surrounded by about 50 women. Part of the campaign message is that Greuel would make history if she's elected L.A.'s first female mayor.

"We need to make sure that women are not just represented but also in leadership roles at every level of government," said Greuel.

Opponent Eric Garcetti picked up the endorsement of Congresswoman Karen Bass (D-Culver City). His campaign posted a video on YouTube featuring Bass.

"I have seen how he has created jobs and economic development in our city, and I know that as mayor he will do the same for South Los Angeles," said Bass in the online video.

With all the endorsements the two sides are trying to pick up the key voting group of African-American voters in Los Angeles. Each side has endorsements from politicians and celebrities.

Garcetti also visited a job center in Hollywood Monday at Los Angeles City College. He says he helped open it in his district, and that it's bringing employment opportunities to Los Angeles.

"Everything else that we want to do -- pave our streets, improve our schools, fix our neighborhoods -- comes from a vibrant economy. It comes from somebody who can go to work, have a good job to provide for his or her family, to be able to have benefits and a decent wage," said Garcetti.

The candidates face off Thursday, April 11, at 7 p.m. for a debate on ABC7. Anchor Marc Brown will moderate the debate.

The election for Los Angeles Mayor will take place on May 21, a run-off for the top-two finishers in the March 5 primary.

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