LA mayor race: Greuel schedules impromptu debate, Garcetti calls it stunt


Greuel's campaign sent out a news release at noon saying the debate was at 2:15 p.m. at Camino Nuevo Charter High School. The Garcetti campaign declined.

"That's nothing more than a political stunt," Garcetti said. "It shows a lack of respect to education to call for a debate with two hours notice."

Greuel, who was already planning an afternoon campaign event at the school, called on Garcetti to join her, insisting she was "ready to debate today."

"When you're in school, guess what? You get pop quizzes. You better be ready to address the issue of education," Greuel said.

Garcetti was in Barnsdall Park, just east of Hollywood, where he brought together Jan Perry, Emmanuel Pleitez and Kevin James, three former mayoral candidates who are now supporting him.

"Education is a cornerstone of this campaign," Garcetti said, "more importantly, it's been a cornerstone of the last 12 years of my work."

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