Get Golf Ready offers affordable lessons


Although many people agree golf is a great sport to watch, many won't attempt to play the game because it appears daunting.

Play Golf America has created a new program aimed at reducing people's fear and lowering golf fees in an attempt to instill some excitement in the sport.

"We're going to work on getting up and down out of the bunker," said Golf pro Lani Mackay who is teaching Kathy Beres how to golf at a gorgeous country club.

What's unusual about this is, Beres isn't a member and her lesson is at bargain basement prices.

"What other sport can you get into for five lessons from a professional for under $100?" asked Nikki Gatch of PGA.

The Professional Golfers' Association of America created Get Golf Ready. The program offers new ambitious players five lessons for $99 in the hopes of taking the fear and intimidation out of the sport.

Lani Mackay of Mountain Gate County Club Golf Pro says the program tries to eliminate concerns to make golf more appealing to average players.

"They won't know where to go when they go in. What should they wear?" said Mackay. "How do you drive a golf cart? They're all the things that make you nervous about going to a golf course."

"I was surprised when I hit the ball. That was great, it was a great feeling," said Beres who loves the challenge of the game yet finds the golf doable.

"I like this. Its athletic but its more a game of skill so it doesn't take a huge level of fitness and probably not going to get hurt," she said.

Golf isn't always known as being a sport that's accessible to all but this program's trying to change that. They've got 3,000 facilities nationwide where 60 percent of the participants are women. They've also got an 80 percent retention rate.

Mackay, an assistant pro at Mountain Gate Country Club in Los Angeles, helped me get golf ready.

"Putting, chipping, full shots and driver the best part is you actually get to go out on the course and play a few holes," said Mackay said.

Get Golf Ready Five offers five weekly on-course lessons. But don't worry once you've completed the program, there's Get Golf Ready 2.

"A lot of facilities like Mountain Gate here will have Get Golf Ready 2 so there's the next level of progression," said Gatch.

Southern California has about 100 guest facilities offering Get Golf Ready. There's also Get Golf Ready leagues to play with those at a similar level.

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