USC teacher's remarks about Republican Party ignite controversy


"California Republicans are 30 percent of the registrated voters in this state because they are really stupid and racist," Sragow is heard saying in a 15 minute video.

The class was recorded by USC student Tyler Talgo who says he was surprised by what he was hearing.

"I felt he was not really too interested of presenting these issues that we we're learning about in a fair and honest way," said Talgo.

"Republicans are trying to prevent people of color and people of lower income from voting by requiring voter ID. The Republican Party in California as I say all the time, on the record, in print, and on radio, and on TV, is the last vestige of angry old white people," the professor exclaimed.

Talgo took Sragow's class last semester but recently released the video to, an organization that says it exposes bias on the nation's college campuses. Talgo felt if he confronted the professor it could affect his grades.

"The grade is going to last forever, it's part of your GPA, I don't want to sacrifice that," said Talgo.

"We're being defined by someone who himself is a racist by calling us a racist," said Mark Vafiades, chairman of the Republic Party of Los Angeles County. "They're supposed to be giving them a balanced approach on the issues in life and instead this guy is using his bias and trying to project that on the young kids who are trying to learn."

Sragow who is also an attorney and a political strategist released the following statement: "What I said is a wakeup call for the Republican Party. If the Republican Party in California doesn't broaden its appeal within the next few years there will be more independent voters in California than Republicans. We need two strong parties in this state. I stand by the substance of my remarks, but regret any offense caused by my choice of words. My language became an unfortunate distraction from an important discussion about the future of the California Republican Party."

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